The (unwanted) Interview in Hollywood

Yes, it is extremely ironic that Mother Nature decided to bless Toronto with a mini snow storm right after my ‘perma-grass’ post, but nevertheless the snow is already melting so my post isn’t completely useless. Though the snow is melting, there is a drop in the temperature tomorrow making all the slush turn to ice; these sudden changes in climate are killing my hair, lips and mood. Not only are these temperature changes unwanted because it could potentially delay my flight back to Ottawa, but more importantly it make humans and animals more perceptible to catching illnesses and weakens both our immune systems and our climates air quality.

Speaking of unwanted issues my mum was randomly recently telling me her opinion on “The Interview” yesterday; for those of you who haven’t heard of this new movie, it stars James Franco and Seth Rogan- both notorious for their use of social extremes in films, such as their use of marijuana in “Pineapple Express”. Mum expressed how the movie was garbage, full of useless humour and that the popularity of the film gained through threats to not release the film, did not help the quality of the movie experience at all. This unwanted threat was effective in causing tension about the movie’s release as it’s about the planned assassination of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un; but the controversy of the whole movie topic and release overshadowed the actual content which reflected in ratings on sites like rotten tomato and metacritic. I was speculating about whether Sony had something to do with the threat since the new PS4 server was down during the time of the threat, but nothing has been confirmed.

Iinterview banner

Here’s a link to the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

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