Oliver Queen and the Lazarus Pit

CW launched the hit series Arrow in October 2012, since then this fantastic cast has been increasing the amount of viewers each week due to the popularity of Netflix, video streaming and more. The Mid-Season 3 Finale this December left fans with possibly THE biggest cliff hanger I’ve seen in Hollywood. For those of you that are trying to catch up with the show; please stop reading this post.

In the finale Oliver goes to challenge Ra’s al Ghul because he just learned the truth about Sara’s death; Malcolm drugged Thea to commit the murder. This information is given to Oliver to motivate him to challenge Ra’s al Ghul and evidently it appears that Merlyn only did this to clear his debt with the League of Assassins. Then during the biggest duel in his life, when you least expected it, OLIVER DIES.

This is where it gets interesting; after this episode there were a million questions to answer, and my friend and I were collaborating on ideas within the episode. How is Oliver going to come back? How is Ra’s al Ghul so youthful when no one has challenged him for 67 years? Why would Merlyn purposely set Oliver up for challenge he would never win? Why would he be so willing to use his only child to commit such a dangerous murder?


I have one popular conspiracy theory that seems to make the most sense, for those of you pulling your hair out waiting for answers like myself. First, Ra’s al Ghul in the comics was seen to have a extremely well hidden place that has kept him both ALIVE and YOUTHFUL; this is called the Lazarus Pit ladies and gents, but don’t get too excited a little side effect of this pit is that it drives you mad and bloodthirsty. Secondly, Merlyn knows Oliver was going to die in his challenge but this is all for a larger purpose; since no one has challenged Ra’s in decades, I think Merlyn is hoping Ra’s deems Oliver fit to use the Lazarus Pit in order for Malcolm to find the location himself. Malcolm initially uses Thea and Oliver as the vehicles of his plan but why go through all this trouble for himself? Oh wait because he’s doing this all to bring his first real child TOMMY back to life with the pit.

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