The Harm in the ‘Hook-up Culture’

As a university student I hear many bad stories pertaining to drunken hookups from both girls and guys. Overtime the real intimacy of a relationship vanishes when you see kids (literally) throwing themselves at each other after 5 minutes of introductions. This practice has a million obvious hazards but surprisingly, not enough students are aware of this and not enough parents face this issue. When everyone gets upset in the morning because they could not control their drunk emotions and they feel like complete crap…….well hunny if your going to a random guys bed for the night what do you expect?

My major issue is the act of consent to be honest. Extreme Feminists has tainted the virginity of girls everywhere because they believe they can be a naked tease and thats okay. Yes, I believe that in an ideal world that would be true, but we live in the real world. The world where you must be cautious with strangers (yes parties and clubs are full of strangers) because if you are drunk and putting out something bad is bound to happen. It honestly breaks my heart that someone at 20 still not knowing the basics of drinking, consent and protected sex. This seems basic but the amount of kids who don’t know how to party is ridiculous…….

The ‘yes means no’ campaign is good in spreading the meaning of consent when the girl is belligerent but they missed something. If someone is willingly at a strangers house, kinda drunk, and does not resist ….. that is consent. Girls think that if they were drunk and regret the hook up in the morning that it is automatically something worse than it is. Someone needs to clear the distinction of consent with alcohol intake because I find that the serious issue of consent is evolving into something that is it not.

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A little about myself, I'm a Carleton Raven who's grown up in Toronto. Nineteen. Aspiring Editor, Publisher and Writer. Adventure Enthusiast.

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