The Universal Code 

There are a few natural instincts that every person follows (or should follow) in order to maintain relationships. When you’re growing up in school, it’s obvious that if your buddy asks you to pass them the ball, you’re not going to say yes and throw it to someone else. Then later on in life your not going to ask your friend to get you a cup of coffee then see them drink it all on the the way back (yes this is a friends reference). After learning these signs about trust and friendship most of us get the hint that you should just never stab someone you care about in the back because everyone has these things called feelings.

These are examples of the code. The one universal code that supports any type of friendship. Don’t cheat on your friends; at the end of the day, compared to any boyfriend or girlfriend, their friendship is going to be the thing that you need at the end of the day.

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A little about myself, I'm a Carleton Raven who's grown up in Toronto. Nineteen. Aspiring Editor, Publisher and Writer. Adventure Enthusiast.

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