This Double Standard We Call Life

On one hand all I can think about is school; cramming chapters and chapter of reading into my head and whipping out three essays before finals. But why am I busting my balls in the first place? Because since a kid I’ve wanted to go to university, get a degree, and get a job in some cool building downtown. It’s the only plan that has stayed constant in my life so I figured its what’s best right?

Well, as of late all I can think about is how we waste stupid amounts of time learning so much invaluable information. I was going through some high school notes and realized at a point I had all of this shit memorized; do I remember anything…barley. Realistically approaching twenty all you keep learning is that there is so much necessary learning to experience through traveling and exploring.

Random interactions with new people teach me more than a textbook ever could.

Finland has always been a step ahead of the Canadian education system. The European nation is now shifting its views on segregation based on discipline. By getting rid of the subjects that most of us are introduced to since childhood, a whole new learning environment is created. In Finland there will now be only favourite topics not favourite subjects and this creates a whole new sense of individuality within the classroom.
Communication is becoming a pressing issue for children born in the modern age and governmental education has deprived them of these skill.
Why can’t we be more like Finland:

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