Positive Body Image in the Media

By now everyone’s heard “All about that Bass” by Meghan Trainor; I recently came across a WordPress article titled ” Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor” and being a fan of the song, I clicked the link and genuinely laughed at the article I came across:


First of all, I think its comical that thin women (with or without eating disorders) are actually OFFENDED by this song. The author of the article calls Meghan “manipulative” because she is distorting what positive body image is. I would just like to say, this is the first song in this decade that actually makes me happy and relieved because now little girls everywhere can have a mainstream, positive idea of their own body image. Apparently this song shames everyone without curves, but if we compare Meghan’s song to something like “Pretty Brown Eyes” by Cody Simpson; we can see how that this can clearly be twisted into the artist discriminating against all blue and green-eyed children, making them self conscious about their eyes.

There has only been a handful of songs promoting healthy body images and let me tell you, Meghan’s doing something right. When I was twelve all I wanted to do was look like one of those girls from Totally Spies or something because the media made me believe that skinny was normal. This song highlights the flaws within the media in a way even children can understand, and I think bitter people of the present pick apart every word in this song because it’s hard to understand that everything she sings is light hearted and true.

Thin women have been glorified by the media for decades and everyone knows it….yes eating disorders are sad and not something to joke about because it is a pressing issue in modern society, but can you give normal or plus sized people more than a minute in the spotlight? Because realistically Marilyn Monroe was never an 8-12 in modern pant or dress sizes anyways.

In her song, Meghan even says skinny people think their fat and that they’re actually perfect too, so please stop complaining. I was concerned that people actually agree with this article from Ambitiously Living, so now that I feel like I’ve cleared the air, it’s time for me to find a hobby that pays me.

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