Yoncé Why?

Alright, alright….maybe this is just because everyone I know is busting their balls to pay off some form of post secondary debt, but the second I saw this tweet I wanted to punch something; 4 bottles of ‘Armand de Brignac’ would get me through all I need in life. Beyoncé is seen wasting the champagne in a hot tub, mainly because they’re apparently worth $20, 000 a pop.

Of course this information is probably inaccurate; the liquid being poured into the hot tub might be water and the price of the bottle is actually supposed to be around $300 dollars- but the thought of it is not surprising at all, which is why I was still pissed. Celebrities are notorious for their abuse of money on the finest food, wine and liquor, and $20,000 is probably nothing compared to what they spend on an outfit. But how is it fair that the only people that can afford this shit are people who are talked about the most in society?

It’s like we secretly fund for them to make us glorify them… somehow. Well actually, that’s exactly what happens. Just like sold out Taylor Swift concerts, or trending topics about Caitlyn Jenner (who may have broke a new internet record btw), we give celebs attention (good or bad) which results to actions like Beyoncé, a mother, dumping perfectly good booze into a hot tub.

In my opinion we should probably just learn to settle down and focus on priorities like family, friends and most importantly yourselves, because lately I worry that with more trending topics like waist trainers (which are like Kardashian cloning), everyone will eventually loose their selves.

If you’re looking for the tweet here’s a link to my feed:


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