The Problem with Summer

Summer is full of sunshine, friends, family and minimal sleep– but July is quickly coming to an end, which means it’s time for registration, back to school planning, and packing (boo).

The problem with summer is that it flashes by before you have enough time to sit and soak up the sun. So I’m here as a friendly reminder, emphasizing that you that you need to have fun outside of work and social obligations to live a better life.

A recurring problem in society is that humans could not be less self aware. Well fear no more, there’s an abundance of things such as nature, to help centre yourself in. To be self aware is to observe and appreciate everything around you, but not letting that influence your own unique independence; it’s the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, incentives, and desires. But how do we become self aware? By taking advantage of necessary solitude and forgetting about the all-consuming device we rely on called a cell phone.

Everyone is so caught up in waves of social trends circulating the media that we forget to stop and appreciate the beauty around us– including ourselves. Being self aware takes time and patience, why not use the last of summer to practice?

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A little about myself, I'm a Carleton Raven who's grown up in Toronto. Nineteen. Aspiring Editor, Publisher and Writer. Adventure Enthusiast.

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