Monica & Rachel Forever!

The lovely Jennifer Aniston got married to Justin Theroux on August 5th, which is both adorable and awesome– you can read more about details in the link below. What I want to focus on, is the fact that Courteney Cox was not only Jenn’s Maid of Honour, but also the last one to leave the wedding. As a huge fan of Friends I was extremely happy to hear about this, since Monica and Rachel have taught me about friendship, love and life in general.

In memory of my favourite television series and in celebration of Jenn’s wedding, I have made a list of lessons we have all learned from Monica and Rachel.

  • Realistic Life Expectations are Key.
  • Laughing at Yourself is Okay.  
  • Friendship > Boys, Any Day. 
  • Trust is Earned
  • Follow your Heart.
  • Work is NOT the Most Important Thing in your Life.
  • And finally, at some point or another, Your Friends Become Your Family.   

From Rachel leaving Barry at the alter, to Monica getting married; both these ladies prove how at the end of the day, you really just need your best friends. Again, it’s amazing to see that Cox and Aniston are still going strong in real life, Monica and Rachel forever!

Here’s the link about Aniston’s wedding:

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