Banksy is Absolutely Brilliant

Last weekend, British political activist and artist Banksy opened his amazing masterpiece Dismaland. If you wanted to go, the tickets are only fifteen pounds (three quid at the door), but there are only late night tickets available for the next 7 days. Disney lawyers have also been banned from the park before it even opened, which is hilarious.

Not only does no one really know who this guy is since Banksy is a pseudonym, he managed to collaborate with artist around the globe to pull off this one of a kind, Bemusement Park. The dystopian world is supposed to reflect our “selfish, incoherent, and self-obsessed” society which has realistically become “truly depressing, thin and quite boring”. This massive capitalistic prank not only inspires more artists’ to become political symbols, it shows society that your name and image are nothing without passion and talent.

Here’s a link to Banksy’s website, which only contains a wicked trailer for the park:

How can one person be so cool?

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