The ‘Friendzone’

Lately most people complain about being in the ‘Friendzone’ mainly due to the fact that their friend’s aren’t attracted to them in that way. I’m trying to understand how people define the ‘Friendzone’, but maybe that’s the real problem:

Women invented the ‘Friendzone’ to feel comfortable, and men invented it to feel better about rejection. 

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS THE FRIENDZONE. There are co-ed friends, in mature, adult, friendships; but once someone says “I’m in the friendzone”, this implies that there was once hope for your friendship to take another level.

It’s not impossible for people to be friends, but it is impossible to hide your feelings from friends.

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A little about myself, I'm a Carleton Raven who's grown up in Toronto. Nineteen. Aspiring Editor, Publisher and Writer. Adventure Enthusiast.

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