The Avery Foundation

Last week my roommates and I decided to foster a stray cat named Eli from an adoption agency called The Avery Foundation. This is my first cat ever and I’m already in love with him.

Founded in November 2013, this non profit organization is based in Ottawa Ontario and runs completely on volunteers who strive to take cats and dogs off the streets, and into loving homes. They ensure that the cat has been medically screened, vaccinated properly and provides information about the personality of the pet.

The process is simple, and the best part is that it costs NOTHING. The foundation provides litter, a litter box, food, treats and toys for the pet; all of which can be replaced by the foundation at any time. If you go on vacation or leave for any extended period of time, a volunteer will take care of the pet while you’re gone as well.

I was so moved by this volunteer organization and feel that fostering and adopting animals are so much more important than we can imagine.

Check out this link to the foundations page:

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