All Hail Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has easily become one of the biggest social icons in media today due to her known modelling campaigns, role as ‘Stella’ in Orange is the New Black, and her silent video “Break Free” on Youtube.

The 29 year old, Australian bombshell creates an incredibly beautiful video that has a powerful message regarding self-accepting gender fluidity. The video has received over 12 million views in the past year, which shows how society is not only starting to accept gender fluidity, but appreciating it as well.

I didn’t even know the girl was Ruby at the beginning of the video, as she goes from being a blonde prep, to the dark haired inked up Ruby Rose that we know and love. When she washes off makeup all over her body to reveal her tattoo’s, I realized Ruby Rose is possibly one of the most stunning people I have ever seen before, and gender fluidity aside; she uses this video to remind society that tattoo’s are a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t be so quick to judge body art.

If you haven’t watched the video, do it now:

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