This Fascinating Generation of Ours

Being born in the modern age isn’t an easy task to face. We’ve been introduced to radical versions of style, political views, culture, sexuality, technology, and so much more. There are influences from every direction, all at once, and all socially accepted. There are no guidelines for us to follow and no adults to look at as examples. Then, after taking in all the world has to offer, we are expected to cope with every single obstacle we face in a flawless manner.

To the people who are already doing that; kindly spread your wisdom.

To the people like me, who cant’t understand things like why women still have lower wages; don’t worry. This is only one of the many problems we deal with today. We don’t know what birth control will really do to us. We don’t know what herbicides and pesticides will do to us. Vaccinations and Medicine. The Reality of Mental Illnesses. Everything.

Our mental maturity may seem immature, selfish, or free spirited, but realistically we are some of the most talented, well-rounded people I have yet to know. We are exposed to so many things at once, making it so hard to grasp a single thing that makes us unique, moulding this generation to appear flighty and indecisive. Society makes us feel like if we aren’t really good at one thing, we’re useless.

This is how past generations should be able to relate, as they suffered through their own set of social restrictions. We are told to pick one major, one profession, and expected to be crazy passionate about it for the rest of our lives (or until our pension plan starts). I understand that this is what’s considered the ‘proper’ way to live, but in the modern age we don’t want to think about anything other than exploring and making the present a better place to live.

We don’t even know how cool we are as we’re ragged on for our clothes or sexual experimentation, and won’t be truly appreciated until we’re gone. So I’m here to remind every single individual, even if we might not see it; we’re helping create one of the most historic generations ever.

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A little about myself, I'm a Carleton Raven who's grown up in Toronto. Nineteen. Aspiring Editor, Publisher and Writer. Adventure Enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “This Fascinating Generation of Ours”

  1. Absolutely love this! Especially love your point on the expectations people have of us. They need to understand that it’s a new world and with all the different options we have, there’s no way we can pick just one. Great writing!


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