Joey Tribbiani Appreciation Post

If you haven’t gotten the hint: I absolutely adore the 90’s sitcom Friends, thus I’ve decided to pay tribute to the one and only Joey Tribbiani. I feel like Joey’s overlooked sometimes because he’s so immature and pretty, but I personally believe he’s one of the smartest characters in the show.

Joey looks at life through such a clear lens, and when shit hits the fan, Joey’s the only one who can think clearly because he barely thinks at all. When everyone takes a trip to Phoebe’s friend’s beach house to find the location of her real mother — Joey literally sits back and becomes a narrator for the two part episode since he doesn’t overthink the small details of life, he just lives.

By the end of the series Joey’s the only one that ends up with a spinoff, so that must count for something, right? Anyways, without further adieu, here’s a few things I’ve learned from Joey Tribbiani:

  • Simplicity makes you Smarter 
  • There’s no such thing as a Selfless Good Deed
  • Life could always be Worse (eg. being robbed willingly)
  • It’s normal not to share food… ‘JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD’
  • You can have crushes on your friend without ruining your friendship (*cough* Rachel *cough*)
  • Duck’s and Chicks are perfectly normal pets

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