Bloomingdales Promotes Date Rape?!

I only know Bloomingdales because it’s Rachel Green’s favourite store, but never the less I was pretty disappointed reading what the hell America’s advertising. Check out the article I found from Elephant Journal:

Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog When They’re Not Looking?!?!?

Could that be more creepy? How is that expected to sell clothes? Or want people to approach your store?

Slowly I hope we’re coming to the realization that no matter what you read lately, its dripping with complete nonsense and propaganda. I mean, how the hell could this picture have been approved by anybody? Way to go America you’ve done it again, degrading women and promoting rape culture, one advertisement at a time.

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Tracks of Summer 2K15

I’m the type of person who’s constantly listening, singing or dancing to music, so everyone around me is typically forced to listen to my iTunes library or SoundCloud. Throughout this summer, my family consistently surprises me through their taste in music — my 10 year old brother loves bands like July Talk, and my grandmother always wants deep house bumping.

I’ve decided to start posting songs/ playlists that everyone could listen to since music is something that should be shared. I’m aware that it’s festival season and everyone is into something different, but here are some tracks you should check out:

1) Goodness Gracious (Chainsmokers Remix)– Ellie Goulding

2) Paper Girl– July Talk

3) Hypnotic– Vanic x Zella Day

4) All of This Could Be Yours– Cold War Kids

5) Let’s Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwin- G-Eazy

6) Faded (ODEZA Remix) – ZHU

7) Smile– Mikky Ekko

8) Hey Mami– Sylvan Esso

9) Sedated– Hozier

10) Here (Lucian Remix)– Alessia Cara

Please leave comments of your favourite songs this summer lovelies!

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