Bloomingdales Promotes Date Rape?!

I only know Bloomingdales because it’s Rachel Green’s favourite store, but never the less I was pretty disappointed reading what the hell America’s advertising. Check out the article I found from Elephant Journal:

Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog When They’re Not Looking?!?!?

Could that be more creepy? How is that expected to sell clothes? Or want people to approach your store?

Slowly I hope we’re coming to the realization that no matter what you read lately, its dripping with complete nonsense and propaganda. I mean, how the hell could this picture have been approved by anybody? Way to go America you’ve done it again, degrading women and promoting rape culture, one advertisement at a time.

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LOL @ Essena O’Neill

This really irks me. Majority of my timeline has been filled with praise or hate for Miss O’ Neill because she came to the revelation that she’s an exploited teenager in society. That’s awesome and I’m genuinely happy you crawled out of the attention most people crave, but if no one notices– she’s using social media to convey how much she hates social media. What if Essena deleted all the photos of herself and started using her attention online for something that actually matters? Then she could be a social activist who clearly understands that social media is very real and very powerful. You couldn’t have cried on webcam for nothing; Essena here is creating a ploy. Trying to gain attention through hating attention.

Once someone has gained all the publicity they need; there’s no stoping their ego from growing. Please don’t let Essena fool you; she’s loving being the latest Instagram model who didn’t take the opportunity to sign a modeling contract. If you’re ‘pinnacle of success’ was solely in LA hollywood modeling, your parents have enforced the wrong priorities in your life. The media did this yes, you also have you’re own mind.

So to quote, no one thinks you had a ‘dream life’ but you and maybe other 12 year olds on Instagram. Of course any person with more attention on their body than their mind is miserable, ‘having it all’ is definitive on the well being of an individual.

If you just realized exploiting yourself for social media is harmful, I have much less faith in humanity than I thought.

It is clear society needs to have a discussion about the use of social media as we apparently value and base our own self worth off societies mindless actions. Despite the controversy around Essena, at 12-19 no one should want 500 000 people to see you running around in a bikini. You nor your parents cared nor considered the ramifications of child exploitation on social media. Essena dear, everyone knows those photos were the last thing from candid, and no one needs to publicize a 17 minute ranty video of you crying for your 12 year old self — she’d be bored to tears.

Here’s a link to her video if you want to check it out:

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It’s the time of year where the air becomes chillier, sweaters become thicker, and it becomes time to sit and cuddle a bowl of popcorn until the sun comes out again; or what modern society likes to call Netflix and Chill. As Halloween is almost here, I’ve made a list of movies and shows to help you procrastinate this fall because realistically, who doesn’t miss specials on the Family Channel, Teletoon and YTV?

Scream: Apart from the Scream movies that we know and love, there’s a new Netflix original series called Scream that proves to the media that slasher films can be made into a bomb television show. The actors and crew have done a great job in making one of the most unique TV series that I’ve seen in a bit aside from the fact that there’s only one season (check out American Horror Story or Bates Motel — if you haven’t already).

Halloween Town (1-4): If you don’t love these movies, I’m left to believe there is something wrong with you because nostalgia hits when anyone mentions Marnie Piper or Aggie Cromwell.

Insidious (1-3): Most people are only aware of the first movie but there are actually three amazing films that follow the same story line, and surprisingly keep getting better as time passes.

Any Final Destination Movie: Alright I know these movies aren’t scary but I still think they’re fun time to watch during Halloween, plus they always make for great drinking games.

The Shining (or anything adapted from Stephen King) : I think almost everyone has seen this but me, but everyone has told me to watch The Shining so it makes the cut.

Whats your favourite scary movie? 

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Joey Tribbiani Appreciation Post

If you haven’t gotten the hint: I absolutely adore the 90’s sitcom Friends, thus I’ve decided to pay tribute to the one and only Joey Tribbiani. I feel like Joey’s overlooked sometimes because he’s so immature and pretty, but I personally believe he’s one of the smartest characters in the show.

Joey looks at life through such a clear lens, and when shit hits the fan, Joey’s the only one who can think clearly because he barely thinks at all. When everyone takes a trip to Phoebe’s friend’s beach house to find the location of her real mother — Joey literally sits back and becomes a narrator for the two part episode since he doesn’t overthink the small details of life, he just lives.

By the end of the series Joey’s the only one that ends up with a spinoff, so that must count for something, right? Anyways, without further adieu, here’s a few things I’ve learned from Joey Tribbiani:

  • Simplicity makes you Smarter 
  • There’s no such thing as a Selfless Good Deed
  • Life could always be Worse (eg. being robbed willingly)
  • It’s normal not to share food… ‘JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD’
  • You can have crushes on your friend without ruining your friendship (*cough* Rachel *cough*)
  • Duck’s and Chicks are perfectly normal pets

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All Hail Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has easily become one of the biggest social icons in media today due to her known modelling campaigns, role as ‘Stella’ in Orange is the New Black, and her silent video “Break Free” on Youtube.

The 29 year old, Australian bombshell creates an incredibly beautiful video that has a powerful message regarding self-accepting gender fluidity. The video has received over 12 million views in the past year, which shows how society is not only starting to accept gender fluidity, but appreciating it as well.

I didn’t even know the girl was Ruby at the beginning of the video, as she goes from being a blonde prep, to the dark haired inked up Ruby Rose that we know and love. When she washes off makeup all over her body to reveal her tattoo’s, I realized Ruby Rose is possibly one of the most stunning people I have ever seen before, and gender fluidity aside; she uses this video to remind society that tattoo’s are a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t be so quick to judge body art.

If you haven’t watched the video, do it now:

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Monica & Rachel Forever!

The lovely Jennifer Aniston got married to Justin Theroux on August 5th, which is both adorable and awesome– you can read more about details in the link below. What I want to focus on, is the fact that Courteney Cox was not only Jenn’s Maid of Honour, but also the last one to leave the wedding. As a huge fan of Friends I was extremely happy to hear about this, since Monica and Rachel have taught me about friendship, love and life in general.

In memory of my favourite television series and in celebration of Jenn’s wedding, I have made a list of lessons we have all learned from Monica and Rachel.

  • Realistic Life Expectations are Key.
  • Laughing at Yourself is Okay.  
  • Friendship > Boys, Any Day. 
  • Trust is Earned
  • Follow your Heart.
  • Work is NOT the Most Important Thing in your Life.
  • And finally, at some point or another, Your Friends Become Your Family.   

From Rachel leaving Barry at the alter, to Monica getting married; both these ladies prove how at the end of the day, you really just need your best friends. Again, it’s amazing to see that Cox and Aniston are still going strong in real life, Monica and Rachel forever!

Here’s the link about Aniston’s wedding:

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Fooled by ‘Fauxtire’ Websites

To completely contradict my last post; Bieber is NOT, I repeat NOT playing a role in the new Fast and Furious movie. My prayers have apparently been answered as Director James Wan didn’t make or confirm the National Report announcement himself. There is speculation for Paul Walker’s younger brother Cody to play his role, but nothing has been finalized. A link regarding the fauxtire website I read last week is below:

The National Report article that I originally used as a credible source is apparently a bunch of people publishing fake news to mess with followers of the media– well played internet, well played. It’s authors of websites like The National Report that make me question if they’re crazy or if I am, because despite my best efforts I can’t help but fall into the consuming box society lives in.

What I’ve learned is to always try to think outside the box; it’s way more fun, unique, and much healthier than being brainwashed inside the box.

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