Break the Box

I found this video a couple month’s ago on Facebook and I could not have been happier to see ‘Break the Box’ campaign circulating throughout the media.

Overcoming gender stereotypes has been a pressing issues within our modern world, as sexuality and appearance don’t fall hand in hand anymore.

A couple night’s ago my mum’s friend asked me why girls decide to pin back their breasts after watching Ruby Rose’s ‘Breakfree’ video. This was a completely serious question due to the phenomenon that your physical appearance is a direct correlation to your sexual preference.

He understood Ruby likes girls, but he didn’t understand the reasons why she needed to go from a girl to boy in the video. So I took the time to explain to this adult that women chose to pin their boobs back for many reasons; all of them individual and personal.

It’s a choice to judge someone’s sexuality based on how they look, but remember it’s an an outdated ideal that needs to be put to rest.

Break the Box and overcome gender stereotypes.

Till next time,



Holiday-To-Do List

As I started watching How I Met Your Mother, I noticed a moment where Robin’s sister comes to visit and her. Ted then awkwardly brings up the fact that Robin hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet during a public outing. This results in Robin and Ted fighting in the middle of the Empire State building, but there’s this random guy that ends up receiving and I love You from Ted which apparently makes a massive difference in his day as he was on his way to jump off a bridge.

Comedic? Yes. Realistic? Also Yes.

If you’re not stressing out about finals (boo), and are getting in the holiday spirit (despite the lack of now), here’s a to-do list for December:

– Tell someone they’re important
– Tell someone you love them
– Tell someone you’re sorry
– Tell someone you miss them
– Tell someone a good memory
– Tell someone you want to see them

When we say something positive it makes a bigger difference than meets the eye. Don’t doubt the power in small acts of kindness.

Lets start being more human, get on that to-do list.

Till next time,


What are You Thankful For?

Canadian Thanksgiving is full of stuffing, cinnamon and pumpkin, but most importantly it’s filled with love from your family and friends. I look forward to coming home every Thanksgiving– not only for the copious amount of food. I genuinely feel refreshed taking a weekend with my favourite people in the world, to think about all the amazing things we have going for us.

Mid-terms and papers are magically starting to appear, and reading lists are beginning to grow; but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute to be thankful for:

  • The 3 F’s: Friends, Family and Food (duh)
  • Weekends
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Laughing till your stomach hurts
  • Sunshine, Sunsets…. Anything to do with sun, stars and the moon basically
  • Clean Water- and the ability to have 8 glasses a day
  • Kindness of Strangers: someone at Starbucks left their change for the next customer, which was me (yay for free coffee & good karma)
  • Art in every way, shape or form
  • Autumn (crunchy leaves, pumpkins, scarves, scary movies ect.)

Obviously there are millions of things to be thankful for, but don’t forget to take a minute to actually reflect on it.

Till next time,


This Fascinating Generation of Ours

Being born in the modern age isn’t an easy task to face. We’ve been introduced to radical versions of style, political views, culture, sexuality, technology, and so much more. There are influences from every direction, all at once, and all socially accepted. There are no guidelines for us to follow and no adults to look at as examples. Then, after taking in all the world has to offer, we are expected to cope with every single obstacle we face in a flawless manner.

To the people who are already doing that; kindly spread your wisdom.

To the people like me, who cant’t understand things like why women still have lower wages; don’t worry. This is only one of the many problems we deal with today. We don’t know what birth control will really do to us. We don’t know what herbicides and pesticides will do to us. Vaccinations and Medicine. The Reality of Mental Illnesses. Everything.

Our mental maturity may seem immature, selfish, or free spirited, but realistically we are some of the most talented, well-rounded people I have yet to know. We are exposed to so many things at once, making it so hard to grasp a single thing that makes us unique, moulding this generation to appear flighty and indecisive. Society makes us feel like if we aren’t really good at one thing, we’re useless.

This is how past generations should be able to relate, as they suffered through their own set of social restrictions. We are told to pick one major, one profession, and expected to be crazy passionate about it for the rest of our lives (or until our pension plan starts). I understand that this is what’s considered the ‘proper’ way to live, but in the modern age we don’t want to think about anything other than exploring and making the present a better place to live.

We don’t even know how cool we are as we’re ragged on for our clothes or sexual experimentation, and won’t be truly appreciated until we’re gone. So I’m here to remind every single individual, even if we might not see it; we’re helping create one of the most historic generations ever.

Till next time,