‘Through the Power of the Moustache’

We all know that as Halloween passes, the facial hair starts growing because men (and some women) all over the world abandon their razors to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. In 2003 only 2 guys convinced thirty friends in Melbourne Australia to get together and create what we know as Movember today. It’s 2015 and over 5 million people are aware of how detrimental prostate and testicular conditions are, changing the meaning of November to countless communities and individuals.

Much like breast cancer or cystic fibrosis awareness, it’s important to let the world know about the issues your community is passionate about because I promise you’re not alone. If you keep your opinions to yourself, it’s impossible to make your dreams (and someone else’s) a reality.

Check out what the Movember Foundation is about, and don’t forget to sign up so you can collect donations for your Mo at:


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