5 Reasons to Love Snow

The first snowfall of the year is as magical as a Disney movie. For the many of you who decide to complain, bundle up, and hibernate for majority of the holiday season, I’ve prepared a list of things to consider before you judge the snow in such a harsh manner.

  1. If you live in Canada you cannot complain about snow. The snow is inevitable and cannot be escaped.
  2. HAVE YOU BEEN SKIING?— If you have yet to participate in a winter sport like sledding, boarding, skating, dog sledding…get on it. If your not athletic, build a snowman or a fort it’s still fun.
  3. Take a Walk in the City— the government pays for people to set up all sorts of festive shit so you can take lovely winter strolls in the city.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a Hot Coffee — your appreciation for caffeine will skyrocket thanks to the drop in temperature, and café’s feel more homey than normal during the winter season.
  5. Finals are approaching. What’s better than using the snow to procrastinate– go frolic.

The snow will probably melt by tomorrow morning, but never the less –STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SNOW.

Till next time,


The Inevitable Struggle of Mother Nature

If you live in this century, you’re probably guilty of abusing our environment in some form or another. Whether it’s buying a water bottle, leaving your laptop plugged in, or flicking your cigarette butt out the window — we keep killing our world without even blinking. This makes me wonder, how? How did this become such an instinct for humans?

I’m not 100% sure myself, but from what I observe, society believes that someone else will pick up after you. We expect ‘simple’ things like, the garbageman to come pick up your trash once a week, or your mum turning off the kitchen light when its late.

But where does this garbage and energy go? 

We need to get into the habit of thinking where our garbage goes, and how we can maximize energy use; without that thought, we’re going to abuse what’s left of our beautiful earth. The ‘Digital Revolution’ is inevitable and continuous, but as humans, we still have the responsibility of being held accountable for all our actions.

We can’t expect Mother Nature to work alone, can we?

Till next time,