Break the Box

I found this video a couple month’s ago on Facebook and I could not have been happier to see ‘Break the Box’ campaign circulating throughout the media.

Overcoming gender stereotypes has been a pressing issues within our modern world, as sexuality and appearance don’t fall hand in hand anymore.

A couple night’s ago my mum’s friend asked me why girls decide to pin back their breasts after watching Ruby Rose’s ‘Breakfree’ video. This was a completely serious question due to the phenomenon that your physical appearance is a direct correlation to your sexual preference.

He understood Ruby likes girls, but he didn’t understand the reasons why she needed to go from a girl to boy in the video. So I took the time to explain to this adult that women chose to pin their boobs back for many reasons; all of them individual and personal.

It’s a choice to judge someone’s sexuality based on how they look, but remember it’s an an outdated ideal that needs to be put to rest.

Break the Box and overcome gender stereotypes.

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The Economics of Textbooks

Being in my third year at Carleton, I’m all to familiar with the debt accumulated from textbooks. I’m in english honours and spend about $700 per semester on books that repeat the same material and usually end up as weights until exam period rolls in.

Thinking back to elementary school is a tad painful; we didn’t pay a fortune for tuition and received free textbooks when needed. You would think that since we’re paying for a spot they would at least make our course material affordable, but no, the Visa card continues to suffer.

My roommate Jess came home from textbook shopping last month raving about her economic’s course because of the professor, Jim Stanford. I don’t know much about econ, but from what I know about any business oriented course is that books and clickers usually balance out to around $200 (or more) a course, and the price almost triples if you’re in any science major. The interesting thing about Mr. Stanford, is that he sells the course textbook (which we wrote) for only $30.

I’m going to repeat for emphasis: $30 FOR A TEXTBOOK. 

At last, we see an author and professor who stands by his economic principles. Imagine if every professor stood by the values and principles they teach; our education system would be surreal.

Till next time,


This Fascinating Generation of Ours

Being born in the modern age isn’t an easy task to face. We’ve been introduced to radical versions of style, political views, culture, sexuality, technology, and so much more. There are influences from every direction, all at once, and all socially accepted. There are no guidelines for us to follow and no adults to look at as examples. Then, after taking in all the world has to offer, we are expected to cope with every single obstacle we face in a flawless manner.

To the people who are already doing that; kindly spread your wisdom.

To the people like me, who cant’t understand things like why women still have lower wages; don’t worry. This is only one of the many problems we deal with today. We don’t know what birth control will really do to us. We don’t know what herbicides and pesticides will do to us. Vaccinations and Medicine. The Reality of Mental Illnesses. Everything.

Our mental maturity may seem immature, selfish, or free spirited, but realistically we are some of the most talented, well-rounded people I have yet to know. We are exposed to so many things at once, making it so hard to grasp a single thing that makes us unique, moulding this generation to appear flighty and indecisive. Society makes us feel like if we aren’t really good at one thing, we’re useless.

This is how past generations should be able to relate, as they suffered through their own set of social restrictions. We are told to pick one major, one profession, and expected to be crazy passionate about it for the rest of our lives (or until our pension plan starts). I understand that this is what’s considered the ‘proper’ way to live, but in the modern age we don’t want to think about anything other than exploring and making the present a better place to live.

We don’t even know how cool we are as we’re ragged on for our clothes or sexual experimentation, and won’t be truly appreciated until we’re gone. So I’m here to remind every single individual, even if we might not see it; we’re helping create one of the most historic generations ever.

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The Problem with Summer

Summer is full of sunshine, friends, family and minimal sleep– but July is quickly coming to an end, which means it’s time for registration, back to school planning, and packing (boo).

The problem with summer is that it flashes by before you have enough time to sit and soak up the sun. So I’m here as a friendly reminder, emphasizing that you that you need to have fun outside of work and social obligations to live a better life.

A recurring problem in society is that humans could not be less self aware. Well fear no more, there’s an abundance of things such as nature, to help centre yourself in. To be self aware is to observe and appreciate everything around you, but not letting that influence your own unique independence; it’s the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, incentives, and desires. But how do we become self aware? By taking advantage of necessary solitude and forgetting about the all-consuming device we rely on called a cell phone.

Everyone is so caught up in waves of social trends circulating the media that we forget to stop and appreciate the beauty around us– including ourselves. Being self aware takes time and patience, why not use the last of summer to practice?

Till next time,


WayToo Excited for WayHome Music Festival

For those of you who don’t know, WayHome music festival is happening in Barrie, Ontario this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Basically, this post is to express how I could not be more excited to get there. My brother is getting sick of me go on and on about the stages and silent disco’s, so please bear with me as this is the only festival I’ve attended since Warped Tour 2010. I’ve also (sadly) never been camping before, but from what I hear it should be fun.

This year’s line-up has amazingly talented artists, and a variety of genres to experience as well. Hozier, Kendrick, Modest Mouse, G- Eazy, ODEZA, and Sam Smith are only a few of the many artists’ performing this weekend, on four unique, well- lit stages. WayHome has created many attractions like the WayMarket, WayArt, and invited company’s like Somersby, Molson and Samsung as partners in the event to make the festival even more awesome. Here’s a link to Wayhome’s website if you’re interested in tickets:

Summer is music festival season and I can’t keep up with all of them, but VELD and Osheaga are coming up soon, so a few ‘housekeeping rules’ to keep in mind:

1) Disposable cameras are more fun than trying to recharge your phone.

2) You can’t trust everyone at the event, so don’t.

3) Ladies, stay away from flower headbands and flower bras.

4) Be Safe, Hydrate & Explore. 

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5 Things You Realize Being The Oldest

In my family I’m both the oldest sibling and the only girl, so throughout my childhood I was usually insulted when my brothers copied my ‘original’ idea’s or pissed if they taddled on me. As time passes, I realize that being an older sibling is one of the largest, most unique privileges in the world– with that being said, I’ve composed another list of 5 things you realize being the oldest sibling.

1) What being a role model really means. At first you never understood why your brothers wanted to be around your stuffed animals and tea parties. You also questioned why they played around with your makeup and clothes– which led to many interesting conversations with your parents. Now, you know how much your siblings value your actions and opinion, so lead a good example because somehow they’re a reflection of you too.

2) Patience. It wasn’t easy teaching them soccer or social cues. Nor was it fun waiting for them to turn 19 (well I’m still waiting), but worst of all was horror of watching your younger siblings receive a gameboy, cell phone, and a longer curfew AGES before you did. You quickly learn this is the price to pay for being the oldest. But through everything, you taught your siblings to wait their turn and love the age their in, because some things are meant to come with time.

3) You need them just as much as they need you. Every family event or vacation is always dull without your siblings, and partying with them is way more fun than you ever expected. Surprisingly as you get older, you realize that their company is necessary, their opinion on everything becomes extremely refreshing, and their advice is just as valuable as yours is to them.  

4) Sometimes you actually have to lose the battle to win the war. Whether it be over shotgun, the car itself or the last slice of pizza– together you and your siblings figured out that victory isn’t so sweet if you can’t celebrate with the people you love the most.

5) Distance really does make the heart grows fonder. When I left for school I was pumped to live alone, but in reality my little brother came to visit campus about 7 times throughout first year. This is when I realized home is in people not places. Whenever I come back from school, my brothers are always taller, somehow smarter, but still the same weirdos I know and love. When you’re reunited with your siblings, you feel energized and at home all at once because time apart makes you realize how much you really love each other.

Till next time,


Define: Friendship

How do we explain this relationship we call friendship? It’s a beautiful, complicated and crazy dynamic, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. As you get older, the time comes where your group of friends shrinks as it’s typically based on location and length of knowing them.

In High School, you always had your main squad to chill with (who is still main to this day). Before school, at lunch and after school, were all guaranteed times to see each other. These are the friends that have seen you go from your awkward abercrombie phase, to your semi-put together post secondary stage. They also know you better than the back of their hand, especially after your first couple drinking episodes, and sneaking out of the house. Remember, if you lose touch with your best friends from High School, then everything you’ve done together is nothing but memories. You always talked about the future together, so throughout reading week or summer breaks, try to catch up with the squad–  when you see each other, it somehow feels like you’ve never spent time apart.

When you reach post-secondary a couple things could happen:

You may chose to chill with your work friends because you’re a workaholic. There’s nothing wrong with that, one, you’re making way more money than the rest of us and two, your work friends always get how you’re feeling and why you’re mad.

Long distance friendships are usually based on texting, facebook chat or skype, but make sure every couple weeks/months you actually check in. Throughout a long distance friendship, catching up for an hour twice a month is vital. It’ll be super awkward when you randomly text each other one time a year so you can see each other, because you’ve been so distant for so long.

Your university/ college/ exchange friends are basically your wingmen for life. The friends you live with is a whole new experience. This friendship has seen you’re sloppiest, most embarrassing states on a day to day basis, and has watched you grow crazy amounts in such small periods of time. These are the friends you go to weddings with and travel to random, crazy places with. These friends don’t judge you by your past, and help make your goals possible in the future. Living with someone is a whole new type of friendship and it constantly reminds you how important it is to have each other.

Friendship is a two way street, should always make you feel supported, and reminds you that you don’t have to be blood to be family.

Till next time,