‘Through the Power of the Moustache’

We all know that as Halloween passes, the facial hair starts growing because men (and some women) all over the world abandon their razors to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. In 2003 only 2 guys convinced thirty friends in Melbourne Australia to get together and create what we know as Movember today. It’s 2015 and over 5 million people are aware of how detrimental prostate and testicular conditions are, changing the meaning of November to countless communities and individuals.

Much like breast cancer or cystic fibrosis awareness, it’s important to let the world know about the issues your community is passionate about because I promise you’re not alone. If you keep your opinions to yourself, it’s impossible to make your dreams (and someone else’s) a reality.

Check out what the Movember Foundation is about, and don’t forget to sign up so you can collect donations for your Mo at:


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‘Naked Dressing’ in Hollywood

After the past year it has been proven that society is in fact, as stupid as we think it is.

This fact was aided by the bodies of many iconic females in Hollywood. 3 women who seemed to be discussed the most on social media for their fashion at the 2015 Met Gala were Beyoncé, J Lo, and of course Kim K.

My problem with the three mothers (and their tasteless outfits) is that they decided themselves to wear see-through glitter suits to personally tell all the young people influenced by them, that if you sexualize your body for publicity it’s okay. I understand that just because these women aren’t wearing clothes shouldn’t mean they’re sexual objects; that is another discussion all together.

I’m focusing primarily on the mass amount of attention these women have gained due to their unclothed bodies, and how it negatively influences boys and girls who actively follow the media.

It is not okay to teach society that less clothes means more attention, since that’s all anyone seems to want these days.

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Wynne’s Update in Ontario’s Sex- Ed Curriculum

Since I’ve been back home, my mum has been updating me about the Primer of the Liberal party, Kathleen Wynne as she is striving to have children introduced to the reproductive system at younger ages so they can be more prepared for societal issues such as consent and equality.

In grade one, 6-7 year old children will be introduced to parts of the body. In grade two the students will be taught the concept of consent, and in grade three the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation will be presented. Parents are allowed to have their children removed from the Physical and Health Education curriculum but of course when the children return to school all their classmates will want to say the ‘cool new words’ they just learned.

When I was introduced to parts of the body in grade five (so almost ten or eleven) I laughed and giggled with my classmates like every child, but looking back I honest believe it was the right age for this introduction because puberty was approaching so I could relate to the content and take it seriously.

The Board of Education has really tested itself with this one as Wynne also says that the LGBTQ population is apparently non existent in the public school system. In my HIGH SCHOOL (and possibly middle school) I had several homosexual teachers and I believe that we are in an era where sexual orientation is irrelevant when it comes to jobs, as society is naturally expanding their definition of equality. Like racism, sexual orientation has been tested in terms of equality in society, but I believe that the government shouldn’t have any more control over how children think, especially when it comes to sexuality.

If anything, Ontario’s entire education system needs to be completely reconstructed. As a graduate from high school I have memorized how to calculate a slope and can recite the pythagorean theorem, but I could not tell you how to balance a cheque book because I didn’t take accounting or other math courses. Life skills are a necessity to education which is something the government fails to address. We shouldn’t have to learn life lessons through regurgitated content, this needs to be done through personal relationships with your friends and family, we learn best through experience and communication. But apparently my inability to take 30% off of those jeans I really wanted is not as important as the vagina that I inevitably know and have.

The government does not need to regulate everything in society, this being sexual instinct. There are enough natural signs in society for children to understand the concepts of sex, consent, and body parts – I mean I think I turned out okay.

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Modern Feminism

Aziz Ansari was on David Letterman last year and used his comedy to help understand the reality of what feminism is and what society has done to the definition.

EQUALITY = FEMINISM. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no equation and nothing to work trough, just fact.

I love this lighthearted message, specifically the dermatologist reference, because it highlights how modern culture has made feminist seem like screaming, hairy, psychos. If you believe in equal rights, you are a feminist. Of course some people take personal beliefs to extremes through creative expression, just look at the hipsters in Toronto.

Speak up for equal rights, because it’s crazy enough that it still has to be said.

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The Suicide Experiment

As I was finishing an essay on Sylvia Plath, one of my best friends Youssef conveniently told me to watch a video about two gentlemen who pushed emotional limits in their social experiment where they film random peoples reactions to strangers attempting suicide.

I did not anticipate how emotional this video would get and I’m not sure if I approve of their method, but these guys truly made me realize how beautiful humans can be to each other. They reminded me of how society has forced us to denny our instincts for compassion, love and kindness, which is probably the best thing about being human. Why can’t everyone go around with no judgment? Because we have been taught that its natural to judge people of the same species. And this is based on what? By millions of classes and sub classes that make no logical sense at all; class, gender, age, sports, sport positions. The list is endless.

Hopefully after watching this you’ll be reminded of what makes humans human. Embrace each other and brace yourselves for this one:

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