5 Reasons to Love Snow

The first snowfall of the year is as magical as a Disney movie. For the many of you who decide to complain, bundle up, and hibernate for majority of the holiday season, I’ve prepared a list of things to consider before you judge the snow in such a harsh manner.

  1. If you live in Canada you cannot complain about snow. The snow is inevitable and cannot be escaped.
  2. HAVE YOU BEEN SKIING?— If you have yet to participate in a winter sport like sledding, boarding, skating, dog sledding…get on it. If your not athletic, build a snowman or a fort it’s still fun.
  3. Take a Walk in the City— the government pays for people to set up all sorts of festive shit so you can take lovely winter strolls in the city.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a Hot Coffee — your appreciation for caffeine will skyrocket thanks to the drop in temperature, and café’s feel more homey than normal during the winter season.
  5. Finals are approaching. What’s better than using the snow to procrastinate– go frolic.

The snow will probably melt by tomorrow morning, but never the less –STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SNOW.

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WayToo Excited for WayHome Music Festival

For those of you who don’t know, WayHome music festival is happening in Barrie, Ontario this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Basically, this post is to express how I could not be more excited to get there. My brother is getting sick of me go on and on about the stages and silent disco’s, so please bear with me as this is the only festival I’ve attended since Warped Tour 2010. I’ve also (sadly) never been camping before, but from what I hear it should be fun.

This year’s line-up has amazingly talented artists, and a variety of genres to experience as well. Hozier, Kendrick, Modest Mouse, G- Eazy, ODEZA, and Sam Smith are only a few of the many artists’ performing this weekend, on four unique, well- lit stages. WayHome has created many attractions like the WayMarket, WayArt, and invited company’s like Somersby, Molson and Samsung as partners in the event to make the festival even more awesome. Here’s a link to Wayhome’s website if you’re interested in tickets:


Summer is music festival season and I can’t keep up with all of them, but VELD and Osheaga are coming up soon, so a few ‘housekeeping rules’ to keep in mind:

1) Disposable cameras are more fun than trying to recharge your phone.

2) You can’t trust everyone at the event, so don’t.

3) Ladies, stay away from flower headbands and flower bras.

4) Be Safe, Hydrate & Explore. 

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Oh Canada

I found this list in Carleton’s English department last week and was genuinely unhappy to be reminded about what’s happening in the country I am living in.

I never thought much about Stephen Harper, the Senate or the Conservative party until Grade 12 because I was too young to vote, but mainly because I didn’t care. Of course as you get older you notice how parliament (which is a small and elite group of individuals) has control of literally everything we say or do; from TV to bus signs everything we read is filtered by the government.

Thank you Carleton for showing me yet another set of Harper’s flaws as a political leader.

I also came across another petition against Harper’s “secret police” bill, definitely check it out:


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