LOL @ Essena O’Neill

This really irks me. Majority of my timeline has been filled with praise or hate for Miss O’ Neill because she came to the revelation that she’s an exploited teenager in society. That’s awesome and I’m genuinely happy you crawled out of the attention most people crave, but if no one notices– she’s using social media to convey how much she hates social media. What if Essena deleted all the photos of herself and started using her attention online for something that actually matters? Then she could be a social activist who clearly understands that social media is very real and very powerful. You couldn’t have cried on webcam for nothing; Essena here is creating a ploy. Trying to gain attention through hating attention.

Once someone has gained all the publicity they need; there’s no stoping their ego from growing. Please don’t let Essena fool you; she’s loving being the latest Instagram model who didn’t take the opportunity to sign a modeling contract. If you’re ‘pinnacle of success’ was solely in LA hollywood modeling, your parents have enforced the wrong priorities in your life. The media did this yes, you also have you’re own mind.

So to quote, no one thinks you had a ‘dream life’ but you and maybe other 12 year olds on Instagram. Of course any person with more attention on their body than their mind is miserable, ‘having it all’ is definitive on the well being of an individual.

If you just realized exploiting yourself for social media is harmful, I have much less faith in humanity than I thought.

It is clear society needs to have a discussion about the use of social media as we apparently value and base our own self worth off societies mindless actions. Despite the controversy around Essena, at 12-19 no one should want 500 000 people to see you running around in a bikini. You nor your parents cared nor considered the ramifications of child exploitation on social media. Essena dear, everyone knows those photos were the last thing from candid, and no one needs to publicize a 17 minute ranty video of you crying for your 12 year old self — she’d be bored to tears.

Here’s a link to her video if you want to check it out:

Till next time,