Holiday-To-Do List

As I started watching How I Met Your Mother, I noticed a moment where Robin’s sister comes to visit and her. Ted then awkwardly brings up the fact that Robin hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet during a public outing. This results in Robin and Ted fighting in the middle of the Empire State building, but there’s this random guy that ends up receiving and I love You from Ted which apparently makes a massive difference in his day as he was on his way to jump off a bridge.

Comedic? Yes. Realistic? Also Yes.

If you’re not stressing out about finals (boo), and are getting in the holiday spirit (despite the lack of now), here’s a to-do list for December:

– Tell someone they’re important
– Tell someone you love them
– Tell someone you’re sorry
– Tell someone you miss them
– Tell someone a good memory
– Tell someone you want to see them

When we say something positive it makes a bigger difference than meets the eye. Don’t doubt the power in small acts of kindness.

Lets start being more human, get on that to-do list.

Till next time,