Break the Box

I found this video a couple month’s ago on Facebook and I could not have been happier to see ‘Break the Box’ campaign circulating throughout the media.

Overcoming gender stereotypes has been a pressing issues within our modern world, as sexuality and appearance don’t fall hand in hand anymore.

A couple night’s ago my mum’s friend asked me why girls decide to pin back their breasts after watching Ruby Rose’s ‘Breakfree’ video. This was a completely serious question due to the phenomenon that your physical appearance is a direct correlation to your sexual preference.

He understood Ruby likes girls, but he didn’t understand the reasons why she needed to go from a girl to boy in the video. So I took the time to explain to this adult that women chose to pin their boobs back for many reasons; all of them individual and personal.

It’s a choice to judge someone’s sexuality based on how they look, but remember it’s an an outdated ideal that needs to be put to rest.

Break the Box and overcome gender stereotypes.

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Holiday-To-Do List

As I started watching How I Met Your Mother, I noticed a moment where Robin’s sister comes to visit and her. Ted then awkwardly brings up the fact that Robin hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet during a public outing. This results in Robin and Ted fighting in the middle of the Empire State building, but there’s this random guy that ends up receiving and I love You from Ted which apparently makes a massive difference in his day as he was on his way to jump off a bridge.

Comedic? Yes. Realistic? Also Yes.

If you’re not stressing out about finals (boo), and are getting in the holiday spirit (despite the lack of now), here’s a to-do list for December:

– Tell someone they’re important
– Tell someone you love them
– Tell someone you’re sorry
– Tell someone you miss them
– Tell someone a good memory
– Tell someone you want to see them

When we say something positive it makes a bigger difference than meets the eye. Don’t doubt the power in small acts of kindness.

Lets start being more human, get on that to-do list.

Till next time,


5 Reasons to Love Snow

The first snowfall of the year is as magical as a Disney movie. For the many of you who decide to complain, bundle up, and hibernate for majority of the holiday season, I’ve prepared a list of things to consider before you judge the snow in such a harsh manner.

  1. If you live in Canada you cannot complain about snow. The snow is inevitable and cannot be escaped.
  2. HAVE YOU BEEN SKIING?— If you have yet to participate in a winter sport like sledding, boarding, skating, dog sledding…get on it. If your not athletic, build a snowman or a fort it’s still fun.
  3. Take a Walk in the City— the government pays for people to set up all sorts of festive shit so you can take lovely winter strolls in the city.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a Hot Coffee — your appreciation for caffeine will skyrocket thanks to the drop in temperature, and café’s feel more homey than normal during the winter season.
  5. Finals are approaching. What’s better than using the snow to procrastinate– go frolic.

The snow will probably melt by tomorrow morning, but never the less –STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SNOW.

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Bloomingdales Promotes Date Rape?!

I only know Bloomingdales because it’s Rachel Green’s favourite store, but never the less I was pretty disappointed reading what the hell America’s advertising. Check out the article I found from Elephant Journal:

Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog When They’re Not Looking?!?!?

Could that be more creepy? How is that expected to sell clothes? Or want people to approach your store?

Slowly I hope we’re coming to the realization that no matter what you read lately, its dripping with complete nonsense and propaganda. I mean, how the hell could this picture have been approved by anybody? Way to go America you’ve done it again, degrading women and promoting rape culture, one advertisement at a time.

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